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The History of the AJRA

Founded by Alvin G. Davis of Brownfield, Texas, the Junior Rodeos of America have come into prominence during the past fifty years. Mr. Davis visualized an association made up of both young people who compete and adults interested in the affairs of these young people. At Levelland, Texas on June 7, 1952, Alvin G. Davis formed the American Junior Rodeo Association.

The AJRA was modeled more or less after the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association. Rules were established and forwarded to the interested junior rodeos throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Competing within these rules, boys and girls under the age of twenty accumulate points toward world champion junior cowboys and cowgirls.

The American Junior Rodeo Association is founded upon Christian principles, and it is hoped that each individual member will exhibit characteristics in keeping with this foundation. It is also suggested that each approved rodeo begin its first performance each year with a prayer to further exhibit the principles of the Association.

Cowboys and Cowgirls accumulate their points from the approved rodeos they participate in. These points are reported to the AJRA Secretary-Manager who keeps records of the accumulated points and at the AJRA National Finals every year, the title of World's Champion in each category event of each age group is named as well as the All-Around Champion Cowboy and Cowgirl. With these titles go such awards as trophy saddles, buckles, merchandise awards, and scholarships.

Throughout the past and continuing today, the AJRA has produced some of the best professional cowboys and cowgirls as well as collegiate champions.

Many of the greats of professional rodeo got their start in AJRA, which include some of the following: Becky Jo Smith, George Paul, Terry Walls, Roy Cooper, Jim Sharp, Lane Frost, Trevor Brazile, Tuff Hedeman, Jimmie Gibbs Munroe, and many, many more.