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The AJRA awards numerous scholarships to its members each year.  Many of the scholarships are funds that are provided by special funds in memory of a former AJRA member, adult director or a person that has had a special connection to the AJRA organization through the years.  

The criteria to be able to apply and to receive a scholarship is as follows: 

  • Must be a paid member in good standing with the AJRA and qualified to compete in the finals
  • Member must be a graduating senior of the current school year (2020) or a first year college freshman (provided you meet the age requirement of membership)
  • Must complete and turn in a written application form provided by the organization by the deadline
  • Must participate in a personal interview with the scholarship committee on the designated date and time during the finals
  • Must be present to receive the scholarship award during the designated performance



 Scholarship Letter 2024



Memorial Scholarships


David Bean    
Mary Guy    


Alumni Scholarship Fund


Any former AJRA member that wishes to contribute any amount to the AJRA in memory of a loved one, or perhaps wants to contribute to the association with a small monetary gift, this fund has been created for that purpose.