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Exceptional Kids' Rodeo





Thursday, July 26, 2018

Nolan County Coliseum, Sweetwater, Texas

220 Coliseum Drive, Sweetwater, TX 79556
3-4 pm

Our Exception Kid’s Rodeo (EKR) is an opportunity for children ages 5 – high school with special needs to participate in a unique Western-themed Rodeo event with fun activities that cater to a wide range of abilities.

This event will be held in the Nolan County Coliseum which is an indoor, climate controlled area to host this event.  Our fun and therapeutic Rodeo is free!

Each participant will receive a free event t-shirt!  For information on how your exceptional cowboy or cowgirl can be a part of this event, go to: , News & Notices and Exceptional Kids Rodeo link.  Print the Registration and Liability Release forms and return them to:  AJRA, PO Box 398, Bronte, TX 76933.  This is event is limited to 30 participants.


The AJRA and the Joseph Thomas Foundation is excited to announce the 3rd Annual Exceptional Kids Rodeo (EKR).  This event will feature fun cowboy/cowgirl activities just for exceptional kids!

The free event is limited to 30 children from 5 years old through high school, who are receiving special education services through their local schools and/or the West Texas Rehabilitation Agency.

There is no charge for your child to participate in EKR.

Application Process:

All applications must be received between May 1, 2017 and July 10, 2017.  Space is limited to 30 kids.  If you have more than one child with special needs, please complete a separate application for each child, and add a note that they are siblings.  Your child must have a completed and signed release form to participate.

Each registered participant will receive a free event T-shirt.  Families may pre-order additional T-shirts at time of registration.  If additional T-shirts are desired, attach a check payable to the AJRA and mail with the application and release form.

NOTE:  If your child is afraid of animals, clowns, balloons, etc., the Exceptional Kids Rodeo experience may not be a good fit for him or her.

Siblings without special needs may not participate—NO EXCEPTIONS—however we invite them to be spectators.

All EKR Rodeo buckaroos will gather at the EKR Rodeo Contestant area (Nolan County Coliseum Foyer) entrance lobby--to be greeted and partnered with a buddy to assist them in completing activities as they journey down “Rodeo Road.”  Children move from one station to another enjoying multi-sensory activities.

Feed & Grooming:  
Participants will be able to touch and smell different feeds that are given to rodeo livestock and experience everyday tools used by cowboys and cowgirls to take care of their horses.  To encourage the child to dig into the feed, a prize will be buried in the feed and they will receive their own “stock” after grooming to keep.

Brand the Horse:  Dab a bit of paint on a real horse!  Children will be given an opportunity to dip their hand into a color paint of their choice to put a brand on a real live horse!

Stick Horse Race:  Giddy Up!  Each special cowpoke will complete a smaller pattern just like the barrel racers do!

Learn to Rope:  Cowpokes can try their hand at roping a steer like AJRA contestants.  Think it may be tricky for your child?  Never fear, they will be given pointers to make them the next champions!

Bull Riding:  “Hold on Cowboy!”  Experience the rush of riding big, bad bucking machine!  Don’t worry about your little buckaroo, these bulls are not real!

Please complete the application and release forms and email it in to  EKR Forms

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